Angel Heart - 8: True Friends

Title:Angel Heart
Episode:8: True Friends
The police realize they cannot possibly reach the Hotel Kojyo before the men of the Qinglong Corps. Ryou and Glass Heart arrive to find a small army of Ryou's friends (armed to the teeth) awaiting them. Glass Heart is dumbfounded by the notion of friends willing to risk their lives for someone else's sake. "They want to live their lives without regret" Ryou says, "even if that life ends tonight... They're my people". Glass heart responds "I don't know what the word 'friend' means. I have no friends". Then she remembers one person who did qualify as a friend, even in the Suzaku Unit*--but she had suppressed the painful memories of his death. She laments "I'm always going to be alone... forever". Ryou reassures her "You have me now". Ryou's friends offer up a toast to Kaori as the Qinglong Corps closes in. Glass Heart continues to ponder the concept of friendship, until she senses danger and springs into action. She overpowers a Qinglong scout--and is shocked to recognize the man...

*for some reason what was once the "Suzaku Unit" seems to be referred to as the "Zhuque" now; maybe its members and its opponents have different names for the same outfit.
I was expecting the usual City Hunter-style shootout in which Ryou takes down numerous opponents with one bullet each, but instead was treated to an intriguing plot twist. Let's just say this may answer the question 'how can Glass Heart become romantically involved when she's below Ryou's minimum age?'. I think I recognize at least one character among Ryou's pals from City Hunter: The Motion Picture. Also: I never knew Ryou was a smoker!

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