Angel Heart - 7: I Should Love This Town Of Mine

Title:Angel Heart
Episode:7: I Should Love This Town Of Mine
Ryou and Glass Heart have met once again at the Cat's Eye. "I wanted to see you" he says, and she feels the same. The men of the Qinglong Corps are close behind them, and they make a narrow escape. Chief Zhao signals Saeko that the police had better not interfere, or else innocent bystanders will get hurt. Glass Heart cannot understand why everybody seems to be out to get her, until Ryou explains that she is believed responsible for critically wounding Master Li. Together they lead Zhao's men on a chase through nightime Shinjuku. Glass Heart is surprised to see that Ryou seems to be enjoying himself, whereas combat "always hurt me". She offers to let him turn her over to Zhao, to spare himself from danger. "You should remember you're living for two and survive this" Ryou replies. He contacts Saeko and persuades her to "hire" him, then tells her he will lead Zhao's men to the Hotel Kojyo. Then he calls Zhao and challenges the Qinglong Corps to meet himself and Glass Heart at the hotel for a showdown...
All-in-all, Glass Heart is turning out to be a neat series, being alternately exciting, funny, and touching, and not nearly as "dark" as I'd originally feared. I read on another website that the series will extend to no less than 52 episodes--can that be true (I'm not complaining!)? I still haven't figured out which of the Li brothers is critically wounded (in this episode Ryou says it was Li Jiang Qiang). The thing is, can one of them be generalized as the "evil" Li (the syndicate leader) and the other as the "good" Li (who only served as a double for his brother)? Or did they cooperate to run the syndicate? Hmm... Ryou has yet to tell Glass Heart that the brother he met claims to be her father.

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