Angel Heart - 5: Yongbie... Kaori

Title:Angel Heart
Episode:5: Yongbie... Kaori
Glass Heart deals with two gangmembers who have chased her into a park. Meanwhile, one of Master Li's men comes to Saeko and tells her about his being wounded by an assasin. To prevent gang warfare from breaking out, he requests first-class medical care, that the episode be kept secret, and "Let us search for the shooter ourselves". Saeko counters that she already knows about the incident, and that Glass Heart is believed to be responsible. Things are already getting out of hand as punks scramble for information about the whereabouts of Glass Heart. She is keeping a low profile; "I just don't want to kill again" she says. "There's no place I belong to anymore". She winds up in a deserted factory; "You must find this funny, Kaori" she says to herself (Kaori hasn't communicated with her since she fled from Doc's office). "The only thing I was ever capable of was to take another person's life from them. I have nothing to live for... so, Kaori, I'll make you my last"--and she points her pistol at her heart. "Sayonara, Kaori"...

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