Angel Heart - 4: A Lost Heart

Title:Angel Heart
Episode:4: A Lost Heart
In Doc's clinic, Glass Heart finds herself talking to Kaori's image in a mirror. When she reveals that she has never had a proper name, Kaori decides that they must give her one, since "We're always going to be together from now on, after all". "Why are you haunting me?!" Glass Heart responds; "What in the hell are you?!". "I am your heart" Kaori replies. Doc hears Glass Heart shouting and listens in as she concludes that her urge to meet Ryou was false. He stumbles into the room, and addresses her as "Kaori", which freaks her out and she leaps out of a window. Ryou is back at the Cat's Eye, blaming Umibozou for "a really crappy day" which he spent trying to track down Kaori. Umibozou calmly insists that Kaori really has returned--"I don't have to see to know it". Saeko arrives, followed by an excited Doc who likewise claims that Kaori is back. That is, a woman with Kaori's heart--and memories as well. Ryou refuses to believe him, but Doc points out that he's talking about the very woman that Ryou dropped off at the clinic earlier in the day. Meanwhile, Master Li has secretly arrived in Shinjuku, and questions small-time hoodlum Mochiyama-san who had a run-in with Glass Heart recently. Despite all the precautions, Li is wounded by an unidentified assasin. Zhou, his "most trusted retainer" concludes that Glass Heart must have been responsible, and Mochiyama is put to work helping to track her down. Mochiyama recalls that she was looking for City Hunter when they met, and gets an idea...
Though there's no way to be certain, it's unlikely that it was Glass Heart who tried to kill Master Li, since she is wandering about halfway out of her mind. That means yet another player has entered the game, someone as yet unknown. Four episodes down and Ryou has yet to meet Glass Heart while being aware of her link to Kaori... maybe next time? Notice I'm starting to spell his name ("Ryou") like the fansub does, not like in the old TV series ("Ryo").

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