Angel Heart - 3: XYZ City

Title:Angel Heart
Episode:3: XYZ City
Ryo bursts into the Cat's Eye coffee house with gun in hand, but only Umibozou is there. "You're losing your touch" Umibozou tells him. "She was one step ahead of you". Glass Heart is wandering the streets of Shinjuku, wondering if she is losing her mind. "This city is crazy!" she tells herself. "Illusions are crawling all around me!". Meanwhile, Master Li is briefed on the theory that she might have gone to Japan because "memories from the heart's old owner could possibly be dragging Glass Heart with her". He asks who the donor was, and learns of the link to Ryo Saeba, aka City Hunter--which he finds oddly amusing. After a change of clothes, Glass Heart is sitting in an alley, pondering the cryptic letters "XYZ" which she saw in one of her illusions. "Doc", an old friend of Ryo's, comes along and mentions the significance of the three letters. She forces him to tell her about the bulletin board at the Shinjuku station. Writing XYZ, Doc observes, means "Please help! I have nowhere else to turn!". Ryo is wandering about, after being told by Umibozou that Kaori has returned; he doesn't know exactly what to look for, but visits some places that were special to Kaori and himself. Glass Heart procedes to the station, where she feels a strange deja vu: "It's my first time here, yet I remember this place". A hallucination of Kaori guides her to the spot where the bulletin board used to be--but it is gone now, and she collapses in despair...
I thought this episode managed to make sense (given the basic premise of this show), be emotionally intriguing, and yet be funny at times as well. There was hardly any violence this time, which is kind of unusual in comparison to the first two.

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