Angel Heart - 28: Promise

Title:Angel Heart
Episode:28: Promise
Xiang Ying finds herself unable to resist watching Natsume at the art gallery, but unable to approach him. At the Cat's Eye, Elder Chen tells Ryou, Umibozou and Xin Hong that although Natsume is not well known in his native Japan, he is a highly acclaimed artist overseas, where he's been since he was 15. Now that he has returned to Japan, art dealers are eager to negotiate a contract with him; Xin Hong is jealous. Xiang Ying returns in a bad mood, and a poorly chosen comment by Xin Hong doesn't make things any better. Later, she meets Natsume, who wants to know why she ran off from the gallery. She has concluded that as everyone says, she must have fallen in love with him--but she feels that he considers her a child and will never return her affection. Later, Ryou tells Xiang Ying that tommorrow Natsume will leave for Paris, and if she has anything to say to him, time is running out. Natsume calls and asks her to come to the gallery at 8PM. Once there, she overhears an unsuspecting Natsume talking to himself about a certain promise he once made with Kaori...
I was a bit disappointed by this episode, perhaps because I think I had figured out the mystery of why Xiang Ying might have fallen in love with Natsume even before the last episode was over (and I suspect most other viewers had as well). It's important to remember that she is a former assasin after all, and hasn't had the usual teenager's experience in romance; some sort of reminder of that might have helped in this episode. She's developed into such a lovable character that there's little mention of her dark past--I wonder what a new viewer just joining the series at this point would think. When you spend a good deal of time saving images and getting a good look at the frames which normally flash by in the blink of an eye, you realise that the standards for the fast-moving scenes are somewhat more lax than for the closeups (which is why I almost always use the latter for these montages). Even if you were just a casual viewer, you'd probably notice how shoddy Ryou looked at one point--like a whole different person wearing his clothing and a wig. Anyway, it had it's good points, but overall I'm glad to be done with this episode and eager to move on to the next one, which seems interesting.

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