Angel Heart - 26: Going Back To Those Times

Title:Angel Heart
Episode:26: Going Back To Those Times
Elder Chen briefs Ryou about the Yufuku Company's parent organization, an unusually violent syndicate operating in Asia. Since rumor has it that Yuji will be killed before New Year's Day, he must already be under surveilance. Ryou needs to protect him, at least until he meets Yusuke on Christmas Eve. He decides to abduct Yuji, and Xiang Ying and Xin Hong volunteer for the job. On Christmas Eve Yusuke, who expects Ryou to kill both Yuji and himself, visits his parent's grave; he recalls the day his father told him he had actually been adopted. Xin Hong finds Yusuke's fatalistic attitude disturbing, and wonders if Ryou really will kill him; Xiang Ying says she's confident that he won't. Yuji comes to as his sedative wears off, and finds himself in a strange room with his childhood "treasure box" sitting alongside him. Xiang Ying urges him to make up with his brother, but he insists that's impossible--he knows he's a marked man, in fact he thought she was one of the assasins the syndicate sent. He breaks through a door, and finds himself in a familiar alleyway...
Choosing photos for this episode was a little tricky, since it was important not to give away the outcome--though anyone familiar with City Hunter could probably have guessed it. I'm not completely confident that the trick would actually have worked, but it was fun nevertheless. A good deal of this episode consists of wrapping up the story after the crisis has passed. I feel sorry for Xin Hong, who clearly likes Xiang Ying but is getting nowhere, and is frequently treated like a child by Ryou and Umibozou. I hope he'll be given an episode of his own now and then.

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