Angel Heart - 23: Melody of Departure

Title:Angel Heart
Episode:23: Melody of Departure
At Yume's mansion Xiang Ying has subdued Dog Walker, then, to everyone's horror, offers to let Yume shoot her if that's what she really wants. Ryou offers a convincing argument why doing so would not be an appropriate form of revenge. Yume has a vision of Kaori and drops the gun. She realizes that Xiang Ying has changed since her days as a professional assasin. Several weeks later, Yume is at the airport, about to board a flight to Vienna. Everyone has come to see her off, except Xiang Ying, who she hasn't managed to contact since the incident at the mansion. Yume gives an impromptu performance with her violin, hoping Xiang Ying will hear the music somehow. Later, Xiang Ying tells Ryou that she envies Yume, who has her talent to motivate her, whereas having only the skills of a killer, she feels she has nothing. Ryou says she'll just need to look for something new, and he's proud of her for resolving the issues with Yume on her own. Later, Xiang Ying reminds Ryou and Xin Hong that they still haven't solved one part of Yume's case--why her father died with a smile on his face...
An unusual episode with no actual violence, just the threat of it during the first scene. There were some clever observations ("Maybe their death is the last lesson in life that parents can give to their children"), plus links to remarks characters made a good while ago. This is neat in that the characters have ongoing, well thought-out personalities. I am a bit confused by Xiang Ying's troubles--has she finally stopped thinking of herself as an assasin, and is struggling to identify a new role for herself? I just didn't get a Bang! this-is-the-instant-when-she-realizes-that-she-must-think-in-a-new-way feeling. People undergoing "revelations" like this probably isn't all that common, but it works well when telling a story on TV. Still, a good story, as usual--where will things go from here? Notice the subtle color shifts during the ED song, "Daydream Tripper".

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