Angel Heart - 22: An Unfair Happiness

Title:Angel Heart
Episode:22: An Unfair Happiness
Yume-chan has learned from Walker that it was Xiang Ying who killed her father. She takes the pistol Walker provided, takes aim at the unconscious Xiang Ying--but cannot bring herself to pull the trigger. The distraught Yume doesn't know what to believe, won't give up her gun, and declares she's going home. She locks herself away in her room, where she gets a cellphone call from Walker. He has concluded that she needs more proof that what he told her was true; "Wait for me", he says. Xiang Ying finally comes to, and has realized Walker's true identity; Umibozou assures her that Ryou has figured it out, too. Masaomi pulls up to the gate of Yume's estate, and finds Ryou waiting to talk with him. Umibozou warns the seriously injured Xiang Ying that Yume knows everything now, but still she insists on rushing to Yume's place. Meanwhile, Xin Hong has learned that Ryou has allowed Dog Walker into the mansion, and questions his sanity. "The parent in me" Ryou replies, "would like to let Xiang Ying resolve this"...
Well, it pretty much played out as I was expecting, except for one thing--It's not over yet! Even though Walker is dealt with, there's still the conflict between Yume and Xiang Ying to be resolved, and apparently at least one more episode will be devoted to it. I was a little disappointed that the mystery of Walker's identity was as easy to figure out as it was, but it wasn't as easy as it would have been had this been a typical City Hunter episode, and apparently it was a relatively minor factor anyhow. What really matters will be how Yume and Xiang Ying work things out. I kind of wonder why the "Genbo Corps" was tacked on (how many "Corps" does the syndicate have, anyway?). When Elder Chen warned that Yume would be killed if she pointed a gun at Xiang Ying, my first thought was that he meant that the Genbo men would cut her down if they saw her threatening Xiang Ying.

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