Angel Heart - 21: Sad Guardian

Title:Angel Heart
Episode:21: Sad Guardian
Yume-chan invites her new friend Xiang Ying to a violin concert which she will be performing in. It immediately occurs to Xiang Ying that a concert hall would be a tempting spot for "Mad Dog" Walker to attempt to kill Yume. Ryou is uncomfortable too, but since all efforts are being made to keep Yume from learning that her life is in danger, she can't be persuaded to cancel her appearance. Elder Chen has heard about the event, and volunteers to provide formal outfits and a limousine. Chen also reveals that in his research into Walker's past, he has discovered that only one of Walker's intended targets managed to survive--a young girl who should be about Yume's age now. At the concert hall, Yume and company meet Kazama Masaomi-san, a world-renowned violinist (and Haruka's boyfriend). Yume is both flattered and intensely anxious to learn that Masaomi will be listening to her performance. In Yume's dressing room Xiang Ying reveals how she came to have Kaori's heart and was adopted by papa Ryou. Ryou and Xin Hong cannot enter the concert hall itself, since they are not properly dressed; protecting Yume will be up to Elder Chen and Xiang Ying. As Yume performs, Chen notices something very strange about Xiang Ying...

Stretch 11/3/06:

Looks like this will be a three (or more) part-er. This episode ends with an interesting cliffhanger, though Yume-chan is acting in a rather gullible manner (why believe things told to you by someone who just tried to kill you?). Wait a minute, Yume doesn't know everything that we the viewers know, in fact she had never heard of Mad Dog Walker 'til late in this episode... I guess it does make some sense. I'm confused by Elder Chen's discovery that Yume might be the only survivor of an assasination attempt by Walker--if that is so, how did she wind up the "daughter" of his partner (when the rest of her "family" was supposedly wiped out)? I don't trust Masaomi; this guy wouldn't be introduced to us if he wasn't going to have something to do with the plotline. Walker's face has yet to be revealled to us, and I'd say there's about a 50-50 chance he will in fact be Masaomi. A really clever show keeps you guessing about the identities of the villains; maybe introducing at least two semi-suspicious characters would have been a good idea. Despite my nitpicks, Angel Heart is a really clever show, in more ways than one. This show can be touching at times, yet also keeps me giggling with all sorts of skillful gags. Perhaps my favorite this time was Ryou and Chen "crumbling". Plus, this is about the only show in which I've managed to keep up with new episode releases!

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