Angel Heart - 20: Prelude To Fate

Title:Angel Heart
Episode:20: Prelude To Fate
Xiang Ying is searching for the residence of Kayano Yume, the daughter of a man she killed while working for the Suzaku Unit. She doesn't exactly understand why she's doing this, or what she'll do when she finds the place. At an imposing mansion she is nearly hit by a car carrying Yume, who offers to drive her home. First, however, she needs to pay a visit to the Shinjuku station. Xiang Ying is incredulous to see Yume leave a note for City Hunter. At the Cat's Eye, Ryou talks with Yume, who asks that he "avenge" her father's murder. But she also wants him to investigate her father, "to find out who he really was". Both his body and all records vanished after his death, and furthermore, why did he seem so at peace as he died? Ryou tells Yume he'll let her know whether he has decided to accept the job, and she leaves. He offers to turn it down, for Xiang Ying's sake, but she has a feeling that Kaori wants them to accept. Elder Chen has some startling news about the line of work Yume's father was really in...
It's hard to say much about part one of a two-parter, but Xiang Ying being called upon to "take revenge" upon herself is a clever premise. Surely we haven't been given the slightest glimpse of the mysterious character "Dog Walker" for some reason; could this in fact be a woman, and maybe a character we've already met in this episode? Ryou's libido is definitely in high gear.

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