Angel Heart - 2: Kaori's Come Home

Title:Angel Heart
Episode:2: Kaori's Come Home
When the two men who have been monitoring Glass Heart try to keep her from leaving her room, she deals with them like the expert killer that she is--yet feels a strange pang of regret. She logs onto a computer and searches the "syndicate database" for information about this Ryo Saeba that she saw in her dreams. "I must meet this man" she resolves. Master Li arrives to find Glass Heart gone and the estate gutted by fire and explosions--most unlike the "delicate touch" she used to have. "Our Glass Heart no longer has a heart of glass" he muses. Two weeks later, at the Cat's Eye coffee house in Shinjuku, Saeko describes some special investigating she has done to Ryo. He is incensed by her suggestion that Kaori's heart might have been transplanted into a man. "That heart is definitely making it's way to Shinjuku" he declares. "That's what my own heart is warning me". A traffic jam occurs when a strangely dressed woman finds herself standing in the middle of a busy street. "I died on this spot" she says...
I'm not sure how the mix of the usual Ryo-in-pervert-mode comedy and the more serious tone of this show will work out--too soon to tell, I guess. Ryo seems to have gotten younger whereas Glass Heart looks more like 25 than her supposed age of 15. I notice from the credits that all of the usual VAs are back for this sequel, plus Kawasaki Mao as Glass Heart. Ryo, Glass Heart, even Umibouzu all seem to have a sort of sixth sense when it comes to identifying Kaori's spirit.

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