Angel Heart - 19: Elder Chen's Restaraunt

Title:Angel Heart
Episode:19: Elder Chen's Restaraunt
Xiang Ying waits impatiently for Papa Ryou to awaken after a night of hard drinking. When he finally does, his unenthusiastic attitude towards work exasperates her, and she goes to check the bulletin board by herself. Ryou enjoys a leisurely breakfast at the Cat's Eye, where he notices people standing in line to enter a new Chinese restaraunt that has opened suddenly next door. Umibouzu points out that it has a curious name, too. It turns out that Grand Chamberlain Chen, Master Li's right-hand man, has taken a leave of absence to operate the restaraunt--no doubt as an excuse to keep an eye on Xiang Ying. She returns without any new offers to hire City Hunter. Ryou promptly announces that he has a job for her (and Xin Hong, too)--they are to work at the restaraunt. Xiang Ying, who has absolutely no experience, is given a hasty course in the basics of being a waitress; the skills she does have prove handy at times, though. Xin Hong is nervous both because he's in the presence of Chen, and also because of Xiang Ying's sexy waitress outfit. Xiang Ying can't help feeling that she's embarassing Chen, and wonders why people are enjoying themselves so much as they eat together. The local yakuza boss, plus Mochiyama and a strongman, pay a visit. After being informed that this new business hasn't "paid it's respects" to his organization, the boss comments that "I guess they don't know what the rules are around here"...
Come to think of it, I guess Xiang Ying has never really met Chen until now and has no idea of his ties to Master Li. I can't help wondering why a restaraunt that was already busy before Xiang Ying and Xin Hong were recruited to work there doesn't have any other waitresses or cooks; but it was a riot when the yakuza boss and his henchmen came in, thinking they were going to shake down a small business, only to find that both the owner and the employees were their worst nightmare. A fun episode, after the last few which were pretty serious. Who would have thought chopsticks could be such a deadly weapon?

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