Angel Heart - 16: What it Takes to Be City Hunter

Title:Angel Heart
Episode:16: What it Takes to Be City Hunter
Xiang Ying has decided that the best way to kill Kishimoto would be by shooting him as he rides to work in his limousine. She skillfully scouts out the best spot for the ambush, taking notes on traffic patterns, etc. Umibozou, meanwhile, has used his network of informants to track down Kurahashi Katsumi, Tanya's father in hiding. Ryou offers to take Tanya on a "date", which is in fact a meeting between himself and Kurahashi. While Tanya enjoys herself at a playground, Kurahashi admits to Ryou that he was involved in the construction of a school in the "Luhtzen Republic", which was shoddily built so that money could be siphoned off by the corrupt Kishimoto. The building collapsed, killing numerous children, and Kurahashi has been on the run for fear of being killed himself. Ryou offers to kill Kishimoto, but Kurahashi would rather he be brought to justice. The next morning, Xiang Ying takes position on a balcony overlooking the highway. "Unobstructed field of fire" she observes; "Weather conditions optimal. Escape route secured". As Kishimoto's car approaches, she takes careful aim...
Another well written, well thought-out episode that makes Angel Heart a cut above the old City Hunter episodes, at least in terms of plot and action. I was a bit confused by one thing--to what extent was it Kaori, and to what extent Xiang Ying, who decided whether or not to shoot Kishimoto? Ryou gives Xiang Ying at least some of the credit...

On a side note, from the special "Translation Notes and Terms" for this episode, Xiang Ying's sniper rifle was a Brazilian IMBEL MD-3, a license-made variant of the Belgian Fabrique Nationale (FN) rifle.

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