Angel Heart - 15: Please Find My Papa

Title:Angel Heart
Episode:15: Please Find My Papa
Xiang Ying notices a note marked XYZ at the bulletin board, and decides to investigate on her own without telling Papa Ryou. The note leads her to a department store playground, where she finds the client is Tanya, a little girl. Because Xiang Ying isn't what Tanya expected "City Hunter" to look like, they go to the Cat's Eye, where Umibozou and Xin Hong vouch for her. Tanya explains that her father has been missing for a long time, and she needs City Hunter to find him. Ryou walks in, and is immediately embraced by Tanya as her "Papa"! "Do I have a younger sister?" Xiang Ying asks sarcastically...
Part one of a two (or more) parter. After the circumstances of the disappearance of Tanya's real father are explained, Ryou fears Xiang Ying (who identifies with Tanya, since she cannot remember her father either) may attempt to remedy the situation using her skills as an assasin. Is she really still that bloodthirsty? Will Kaori's spirit intervene? Or is Xiang Ying more clever than Ryou gives her credit for?

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