Angel Heart - 13: A Gift From Master Li

Title:Angel Heart
Episode:13: A Gift From Master Li
Saeko is shocked to learn from Umibozou and Xin Hong that notorious mokkori man Ryou has "adopted" 16-year old Xiang Ying, and the two are living together. She stops by his place, and what she finds seems to confirm her suspicions. At the Cat's Eye Ryou explains that he considers Xiang Ying to be Kaori's and his daughter. Later, Saeko mentions to Xiang Ying that she considers Ryou to be a lazy man who drinks too much, though he "wouldn't die even if you killed him". Xiang Ying asks "Papa Ryou" to do her a favor--she wants him to undergo a physical at Doc's clinic. Doc and Tomo ask her why, and she bluntly says she wants to know when he will die. Xiang Ying fears that with the potential complications of her heart transplant, she may not outlive Ryou. "She's seen nothing but death for her whole life" Doc explains to Ryou. "That's proof that she's started to want living". "Gramps", Master Li's right hand man, drops by with Xiang Ying's medical records. Furthermore, he asks Ryou to come with him to accept a token of Master Li's appreciation...
This episode ended with a neat touch--no doubt Ryou will finally resume his role as "City Hunter" as his lengthy mourning for Kaori comes to an end (the next episode is entitled "Back in Action, City Hunter!"). With a new ED sequence I get the feeling that the first arc of this series is complete--this is episode 13, after all. I also like the usual City Hunter style comedy regarding Saeko's misunderstanding of Ryou and Xiang Ying's relationship. Have you noticed that Ryou has moved from the building he and Kaori used to live in? This is another fansubbed series which employs the option of downloading a seperate file of cultural references and translator's notes (and lists the manga chapters which correspond to this episode). The fansub is extremely sharp, with professional quality lettering that made me wonder if the people behind it might do this sort of thing for a living. The credits are especially good, with every name translated and so tastefully positioned that I wondered if they might have actually been part of the original Japanese run of the series. The fansub unit, "Lost in Translation" is quite modest, only mentioning their own name once at the very end of the ED sequence (and not at all on the accompanying notes).

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