Angel Heart - 11: Family Time

Title:Angel Heart
Episode:11: Family Time
Umibozou finds Xin Hong vacuuming the floor of the Cat’s Eye, supposedly as thanks for his help. He gets the drift—Xin Hong is looking for a job so that he can remain in Shinjuku, like Glass Heart. Later, Xin Hong visits Glass Heart at Doc’s clinic. She tells him he’s lucky to have a name, which reminds him of Ryou’s suggestion that he reveal her true name—Xiang Ying--to her. However, he decides it would be best to keep secret her relationship to her true father, Master Li. Nevertheless, Xin Hong lets the name slip, and when Glass Heart demands to know why he referred to her in this manner, he passes the buck to Ryou. Ryou makes up a story about the name’s origins, which moves her to tears. Master Li asks Ryou to attend Qian De’s funeral, after which he plans to return to Taiwan. He feels it would be best to leave Xiang Ying, since he considers himself undeserving to be called her father. Ryou leaves, but Li is startled when Xiang Ying appears--Ryou asked her to show an "acquaintance" of his around Shinjuku...
A neat episode which wraps up some of the loose ends that occured to me at the end of the first arc of the series. Sometimes touching, sometimes funny. Umibozou's attitude towards customers at the Cat's Eye was amusing.

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