Angel Heart - 10: Angel Smile

Title:Angel Heart
Episode:10: Angel Smile
Though unconscious, Xiang Ying/Glass Heart has finally been reunited with her father, Master Li. At his hotel suite Chief Zhou wonders why he's lost radio contact with the Qinglong Corps. He recieves a phone call from Master Li, who knows all about his plot to seize control of the syndicate. In the hotel lobby, Xin Hong is waiting to kill Zhou for framing Glass Heart--but he's not the only one who has his sights on this man. Later, Ryou rebukes Xin Hong for his foolhardy attempt to destroy the Qinglong Corps--then invites him to come with him and reveal Glass Heart's real name to her. They find Master Li carrying the still unconscious Glass Heart in his arms, and note a curious smile on her face. "Maybe she knows she's being held by her father" Ryou comments. Glass Heart finds herself talking with Kaori, who asks her what she would most like to say to Ryou when she awakens...
It looks like the first "arc" of this series has come to an end. You would think Li would want to take his daughter back to Taiwan with him, but that seems unlikely. On a related note, it looks like we have an answer to what sort of relationship there will be between Glass Heart and Ryou. Chief Zhou seemed to have been operating under the belief that it was the real Master Li who had been critically wounded, so I'm not the only one who was confused. Ryou's libido shifts into high gear now that the fighting is over--I'd have loved to have included a hilarious image, but it would have spoiled this episode's best joke. I'm guessing Glass Heart (or whatever name she will go by) will take Kaori's place as Ryou's assistant, though I'm sure this series won't be nearly as episodic as the original City Hunter series was. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of Master Li and Xin Hong (I'm especially curious what role he will play from now on).

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