Gantz - 3: Kei, You're Awesome!

Episode:3: Kei, You're Awesome!
After the two yakuza, the blonde guy and the schoolteacher viciously blow the helpless small alien apart, they are set upon by an infinitely more dangerous opponent. It slices and dices them, leaving Kei, Kato and the girl to face it alone. Kato tries to reason with it, but it's not in a forgiving mood and he's knocked off a precipice. Kei and the girl run for their lives, but the alien is overtaking them when they are seemingly saved by a passing car. Curiously, the drivers cannot see or hear the alien, Kei, or the girl, but one senses that there's something invisible right in front of him (Kei). The alien is not down for the count, however, and resumes it's pursuit. Kei and the girl find themselves trapped in a dead-end alley, and he suddenly recalls all the complements Kato paid him about once being so cool...
The coreography (sp?) of this episode could have used some work--like providing a more plausible explanation (or any explanation at all) why nobody managed to shoot this new alien. The animation get kinda cheesy at times. Still, I remain intrigued, as a character we've seen before reappears and we're given a few more hints as to just what is going on. Is it just my imagination, or are these episodes slightly shorter than the usual 23 minutes? Maybe they seem to go faster because the plot is genuinely fascinating. I should mention that the theme song "Super Shooter" seems perfectly suited for this show.

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