Gantz - 2: They Aren't Human

Episode:2: They Aren't Human
Having found themselves with the mysterious black sphere--the Gantz--in what seems to be a vacant apartment, the mixed bag of recently deceased persons discuss the vague instructions it has given them to eliminate the "Greenonion Alien". It presents them with bizarre weapons and uniforms (and they notice what seems to be an unconscious man within it), then, before they know what to do, they are transported to a nighttime Tokyo backstreet. Their first notion is to just go home, but one of them announces that they have all been recruited by a "secret government organization", the purpose of which is to deal with alien criminals. The others become a good deal less skeptical when he mentions that these aliens have a hefty bounty on their heads; he knows this because his father was a respected official of the Cabinet Information Bureau. What's more, he has a device which can lead them to their target...
Ugh... here's where it gets ugly. Though Kei and Kato met a grisly fate in episode one, I wasn't all that disturbed--it was an accident, after all, so, you know... tough luck! But here's where we get our first good look at the ugly side of humanity. There's no way of knowing whether the Gantz is good or evil (it did call them all "bastards"), and the Greenonion Alien doesn't exactly behave in a threatening manner, yet several "recruits" are quick to act in a callous, brutal manner. They're like kids with new toys, except these "toys" are in fact deadly weapons (it makes you wonder, who does the title--"They aren't human"--refer to?). Could this all be some sort of test, to see if these people will kill if told to do so?

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