Suzuka - 2: Smile

Episode:2: Smile
After completing the tiresome job of cleaning the bath. Yamato returns to his room where an unexpected guest let himself in: Hattori Yasunobu [image1] may be a pervert and a permanent nuisance for Yamato, but they know each other for a long time, they're the same age and are going to attend the same school now. When Yasunobu reads Suzuka's name plate next to Yamato's room and asks questions about the owner of that sweet name, Yamato tries to steal his thunder... too bad that Suzuka is listening, and she's not amused. But Yasunobu is experienced enough to put two and two together...
Suzuka takes the incident quite seriously, sulking whenever Yamato is around [image2]. With Ayano and even Miho-chan praising this popular Hattori-senpai, the mood is not that comfortable for Yamato. As school will begin in three days, Ayano wants to throw a party for the new high-schoolers - so could Yamato and Suzuka please buy the ingredients?
So our leads have to go to town together the next day, with little conversation; Suzuka just comments that she hates this crowded town full of trash. Shopping seems to last forever for Yamato, but Miss Perfect insists on purchasing quality items [image3]. When they finally have processed the shopping list and Suzuka still complains about the town, Yamato tries to change her mind by showing her one of his favourite eating places - only to find out how much has changed over the years. Even worse, one of his comments isn't particularly polite, and Suzuka runs away... well, Yamato gets another chance, and when they pass a chain store, he finally has the right idea: Visiting a nearby temple and praying for luck, and eating his favourite snack there together. [image4]
And then the party [image5], with all inhabitants of the house plus the spick and span Yasunobo (praising Ayano for her cooking and thus being a permanent guest of the house). Yamato is still uncomfortable but to his surprise Suzuka seems to enjoy the event, although she takes a leave early. Late at night when the boys go on an errand, they're talking about girls - and Yasunobu teases Yamato about Suzuka and tells him he'll go for her. But then they meet Suzuka on her evening jogging session... [image6]
(2005-07-27, Devil Doll:)
Shouldn't Suzuka at least have asked herself some questions, which Yasunobo obviously did? Yamato's behaviour was actually a flattery for her, if she just tried to make sense out of the situation. But apparently she never thought about any such things before, as we can see towards the end of the episode; she's much more a "late bloomer" than Yamato.
Hattori Yasunobo may become an interesting player in the game, given more development than, say, Sakata Kentaro. He might become a permanent nuisance in respect of Suzuka in the near future, and he has some nice dirty tricks up his sleeve...
Apparently it's one embarrassing scene every time that Yamato has to go through before doing anything right. Then again if he manages to do, Suzuka's smile is more than a reward for him. This girl isn't easy to please, but it might be worth the effort...
I was really surprised how harshly Miho commented on Yuka's and Megumi's visit at the party. There ought to be some backstory for this hostility. On the other hand, Miho defends Yasunobu at every opportunity... might the little girl possibly have a crush on the ladies' guy?
There's one more little scene that looks like a foreshadowing - and yes, you'll get to see a lot more about this new character in the next episode already.

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