Shuffle! - 9: Survival at the Beach

Episode:9: Survival at the Beach
It's the obligitary Beach Episode. Everyone is out at the beach and as each girl changes into their swimsuit they guys do a breast size check. Then Mayumi comes out and all the guys leave (As she is flat chested). She is mad and vows to create the flat chest club (as in Azumanga Daioh).

Nerine can't swim so she asks Rin-Kun to show her how, but Sia gets jealous and shows Nerine instead.

Itsuki is looking for girls (I guess Mayumi and him aren't a couple yet) and sneaks up on a pretty girl and when she gets up it's his teacher! He leaves very quickly.

Primula is spending the entire episode building bigger and bigger sand castles that get destoryed by the waves as soon as she completes it. In fact her last one is larger than a van and is complete with decorative jewels (shells).

Asa loses her top in a large wave (ecchi shot) so she sneaks up behind Rin-Kun and puts her naked breasts on his back and wants him to carry her back to the changing room. There Rin is complaining about staring at breasts all day and Sia and Nerine show up and accuse him of playing around.

Sia and Rin are lying down on some air mattresses and fall asleep, later he wakes up and realizes they are out to sea. They paddle to the nearest island and realize that they are all alone. They explore the island (Where Sia gets hurt) and finally give up on finding the others. So there they spend the time planning their future which includes children. They move in for a kiss and poof everyone appears! Turns out that they were on the other side of the island and didn't explore far enough. ALL the girls are jealous (well except for Primula).
Lots of fan service and a boob shot of Asa (Explains the R-15 rating). Nerine got 5 minutes, Asa got 5 minutes, and Sia got 10 minutes of the episode. Poor Kaede was sorely neglected (30 second cooking shot)
[2007-09-17, Devil Doll]
I still believe Asa would be the best match for Rin-kun - she knows how far she can go with her teasing without having to confess to her boy. Poor Nerine - finally she had the chance to have Rin-kun focus on her but Sia ended this interlude with a clever move (helping Nerine, which can't actually be considered evil doing). Kaede is reduced to the role of the cook - this episode reminds me of episode 16 of Ai Yori Aoshi, only that Kaede doesn't have anyone to support and encourage her (unlike Aoi-chan).
So in the end Sia has won the day and taken the lead now. Rin-kun offering to sacrifice his life for her and Sia announcing she'll give birth to many of Rin-kun's children, both sounds a bit more than just fun at the beach. Nerine desperately needs a chance to spend time alone with Rin-kun, otherwise she'll not be able to keep up with Sia much longer.
Why exactly did Primula, admittedly being a clairvoyant, not foresee that her sand castles would be destroyed every time? Normally I don't have objections to a good running gag but please don't do that at the expense of character consistency.

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