Kikou Ryohei Mellowlink (OVA) - 9: Forest

Title:Kikou Ryohei Mellowlink (OVA)
Episode:9: Forest
General Helumesion calls someone named Jujokakka and assures him that the stolen Jijirium of the "PS Plan" has been hidden away as planned. Lieutenant Boil delivers Lulucy to her family estate, which Helumesion has commandeered. Boil assures the General that there's a 99.9% certainty that Mellowlink is dead, but both Helumesion and his ugly subordinate Captain Numerico are familiar with Mellowlink's knack for escaping from seemingly hopeless situations. The General wants Boil to remain as his bodyguard, but Boil insists his mission is complete and protecting the General is the job of Numerico. Helumesion pressures Lulucy to sign over control of her late father's holdings to him, for "safekeeping". When she refuses he assigns Numerico the job of persuading her to change her mind. Lulucy attempts to escape, but is caught in the surrounding forest by an enraged Numerico, who is about to kill her when an old friend appears...
It's unclear whether Lieutenant Boil (his full name seems to be Galuborail Zei Gorou) is a Planpandoll conspirator, or is just following orders. He seems to take pride in always successfully carrying out his assignments, and when it becomes clear that Mellowlink is still alive, he immediately resumes his original task of killing him. It seems that he doesn't particularly like either Helumesion or Numerico, however, and is disgusted by their "dream to change the people to a normal machine" (whatever that means), so I wouldn't be surprised if he winds up changing sides eventually. Carradyne seems to have adopted a tactic of just following Mellowlink around, and not getting actively involved in whatever happens, in order to track down Planpandoll suspects.

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