Kikou Ryohei Mellowlink (OVA) - 8: Ghost Town

Title:Kikou Ryohei Mellowlink (OVA)
Episode:8: Ghost Town
After the fight with the bandits, General Helumesion calls a trusted subordinate, Sergeant Boil. He tells Boil that Mellowlink has kidnapped his neice--Lulucy--and orders him to kill Mellowlink and recover Lulucy. At a checkpoint Mellowlink and Lulucy are obliged to flee by motorcycle, winding up at Kerama City, a towering structure which is now completely abandoned. A squadron of ATs, led by Boil, is heli-dropped into the tower to pursue them. A wild chase ensues, and Mellowlink and Lulucy eventually find themselves in a plant that once manufactured Polymalingeleki, the "life blood of ATs". A good deal of this highly volatile stuff remains--how might it be used to help them escape?
We learn that Lulucy was once a member of the prestigious Kabia nobility--Furuhera C. Helumesion is her full name. She blames General Helumesion, her uncle, for her parent's deaths. I'm pleased to see that a complex plot seems to be developing, rather than just villain-of-the-week episodes in which Mellowlink takes out yet another Planpandoll conspirator. This show has a neat style to it--it's hard to define, but clearly some extra effort was made to make it exciting and intriguing. Depending on the fansub you're watching, Mellowlink once belonged to either the Schweppes or Shuepes platoon/batallion.

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