Kikou Ryohei Mellowlink (OVA) - 12: Last Stage

Title:Kikou Ryohei Mellowlink (OVA)
Episode:12: Last Stage
At last, Carradyne has shown his true colors--he's not there to bring the Planpandol conspirators to justice, but rather to hush up the whole affair, by whatever means necessary. He has killed both General Helumesion and Major Boil, but blames their deaths on Mellowlink. All available troops and ATs are scrambled to search for Mellowlink and LuLucy. Base officers are aghast when Commander Batten Taiin Kakka calls and orders that Carradyne be put in control of hunting the fugitives down. Mellowlink and LuLucy steal a truck and attempt to smash their way out of the base. Arity is shaken to see one of the pursuing AT pilots get killed up close and personal--especially since the man was out for "revenge", just as he is. Meanwhile, suspicious movements have been detected among Balarant ships in outer space. Having gotten clear of the base, Mellowlink and LuLucy are called by Carradyne on the truck's radio. He congratulates him for "completing his mission", then procedes to argue that his whole quest for vengeance has been stupid, because he says it was his original commander, Schweppes/Shuepes who also betrayed him and his comrades. LuLucy pleads with Arity not to go back--"If we just run away, you will win. Everything is over". But Mellowlink replies that he must finish this--"If they think I'm stupid, fine. I'll bet for my stupidity"...
It was definitely worth the wait for this fansub of the critical final episode! The first half included what has got to be the best chase scene I have ever seen in anime--Damn, somebody took some trouble to come up with some neat tricks! The best thing about it is that it wasn't pure luck which got Mellowlink and LuLucy out of the base alive (the fire retardant chemical part was especially brilliant). An anti-AT rifle isn't the only weapon Arity can use to take out ATs! I was thinking that surely this final episode would end with a Mellowlink vs. AT(s) duel, like most of the others, but not so. Carradyne's smartass attitude was amusing, too. When missiles start flying near the end, I at first thought some sort of corny stunt was being pulled, but then I realized that given the backstory, this actually made sense. Maybe Mellowlink's insatiable quest for revenge hasn't exactly been wise, but very few persons are in a position to criticise him when much higher powers start taking "revenge" on each other! Anyway, considering it's age, I'm surprised how well thought-out this show was and how well the pieces fit together--or maybe cutting corners hasn't always been SOP!

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