Ichigo 100% TV - 8: Continuation of the Dream, Once Again / Hug Me in the Snow

Title:Ichigo 100% TV
Episode:8: Continuation of the Dream, Once Again / Hug Me in the Snow
Continuation of the Dream

It's Jan 1st (Only 6 days since the last episode)

Manaka and Yui go to the local temple to pray for her to pass the test to Oumi Academy (The school Tsukasa goes to) and Junpei instead prays that he gets along with all the girls. /hehe. On the way home they bump into Aya, who seems to know Yui very well (I'm not sure maybe episode 5?), Junpei points out that Aya could've passed the Oumi test but she decided on Izumizaka. Yui begs Aya to help tutor her during the Winter break so that she can pass. Toujou agrees and Yui volunteers Manaka's room since she is staying over there.
During tutoring, Yui asks Aya why she never went to Oumi and Yui correctly guesses that Aya did it for a guy (not knowing it was Junpei). Aya tells her that it was because her boy had a girlfriend. Yui mentions 'Hey that's just like Junpei, except he just broke up with his girlfriend.' That news knocks Aya right over, spilling her tea all over the table. In fact Aya is so messed up that she starts falling over and finally stubs her toe in the door. Yui then goes out for a bit. Manaka sees Aya's notebook on the floor (The book that started the series) and Aya shows him the new notes she wrote for her novel. Later Aya tries to confess to Manaka but Yui comes back too early (DARN!).
Hug Me in the Snow

Manaka Yui and the whole film crew meet up at a crosswalk and decide to hang out. Yui hides behind Aya as Satsuki is there. Finally they ask Yui to decide what to do and she wants to play hide and seek. The Camguy is it, and all the others hide. Manaka hides behind a porta potty and finds Yui back there. They don't fit until Manaka pushes Yui against the wall and puts his arms around her. Yui points out how Manaka has grown. Later it's time to see Yui off home and everyone turns out (including Satsuki) At the end Yui asks Junpei for a favor if she gets into Oumi, she wants to sleep in Junpei's bed! Junpei turns around and Satsuki and Aya are nearby and they don't look happy. Poor Junpei
[Forbin 05-27-2005]Well I guess East and South just get along very well in this episode unlike North and South. BTW This was a 100% Tsukasa free episode, while it was a 100% Aya/Yui episode

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