Ichigo 100% TV - 7: Outbreak! The North-South War / A Christmas All Alone

Title:Ichigo 100% TV
Episode:7: Outbreak! The North-South War / A Christmas All Alone
Outbreak! The North-South War

While out near the malls at Christmas, Junpei sees a nice set of scarves that would go perfect with the 3 girls in his life (Satsuki, Aya, and Tsukasa) (Well he doesn't know Yui wants him yet). He decides to get a Part Time job at a local burger joint. Guess who is his boss? Satsuki! While teaching him the register, she starts putting on the sexual charm and right before Junpei gives in, Yui walks in. She then proceeds to yell at Satsuki calling her some bad names and how Yui's job is to defend Junpei.
Then begins the N/S war. It's extremely funny and you have to watch it to see..... Junpei eventually breaks it up, but it's a very funny 5 minutes.

A Christmas All Alone.

Junpei is working when Tsukasa walks in. She invites him over to her place for cake after work and he accepts. After some nice drinks and cake and some music, Junpei keeps getting turned on by all the panty shots Tsukasa is showing him. Before he loses control, he decides to leave. But what he didn't know was that Tsukasa decided that tonight Junpei will make her a woman (I'm not kidding - Some of the best Animation I've seen for this series is done here). Right before he starts the deed, all of a sudden he starts having visions of Aya and Satsuki instead of Tsukasa. He gets up and apologizes and Tsukasa basically lays down the law and says if he doesn't make a decision soon, she is going to leave him forever.
On Xmas day, Junpei is working and his entire Film Club comes in for some discount eats (And the Peverted Sensei seems to be on good behavior for Xmas). After they leave he realizes just how much Tsukasa means to him and how she supports him no matter what.
[Forbin 05-24-2005] OMG it's Xmas already? Last Episode was set in Sept if you remember. At last a Yui episode. And Junpei is finally getting the hint that Yui thinks he belongs to her. And this episode was almost 100% Aya free. She got a total of 15 seconds screen time and 2 whole lines.

I don't know if you were aware but each of the girl's lastnames begins with a compass point. So Satsuki is North and Yui is South.

So sad that it took a ultimatum from Nishino to make Junpei realize that he has been playing the field and NOT being fair to the girls. (Well Satsuki knows).

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