Ichigo 100% TV - 6: A Present With All of One's Might / A Sensation of Unknown Destination

Title:Ichigo 100% TV
Episode:6: A Present With All of One's Might / A Sensation of Unknown Destination
A Present with All of One's Might

Nishio Tsukasa wakes up very depressed. It's Sep 16th and there is a Strawberry by that date. Her mom asks her if she wants to go out shopping and she will buy her something special. She instead asks for some money and goes shopping with her friend, Tomoko. While out, Tomoko notices she buys some $300 boots and comments on how rich she is. Tsukasa just looks at the couples in the restaurant and sighs. When Tsukasa tries to explain the purchase a strange boy walks over and sits down. Tsukasa is wondering who this rude person is when Tomoko tells her that she set Tsukasa up on a blind date with her senpai and takes off. Of course Tsukasa is mad and depressed at the same time and is musing when all of a sudden her 'date' moves in for a kiss. Instead he gets to kiss Tsukasa's shoe! Hehe. Later at home she sees a call from Junpei (who's looking for a school referral for Yui) and she invites him over. Junpei, thinking something is wrong (it's 10pm on a holiday) runs over and finds Tsukasa waiting for him with 2 pieces of strawberry shortcake. She explains that it's important that they share some cake on her birthday. He's mortified and offers her the strawberry as a 'sorry' for forgetting her b-day. Instead she asks for a memory of this meeting. (Junpei freaks thinking it's a kiss) Turns out she just wants a handshake and as she goes home happy, he notices that his hand is still warm from her touch.
A Sensation of Unknown Destination

Toujou Aya finds a love note in her shoe box, but when her friend asks if she is going to open it, she says no because she already has a guy in mind but 'he already has a girlfriend'. (Obviously it's Junpei). She then leaves depressed. Junpei (who was standing about 5 feet away) is all confused by this sorta declaration of love and can't sleep. The next day in class Satsuki jumps him and calls him 'my darling' and 'that night we spent together' which gets all the tongues wagging. Junpei denies it of course but Satsuki still goes into detail of what happened. Junpei flees, right into Toujou who then ignores him. She is so caught up in her feelings for him she runs into a wall (see pic). Junpei is so confused by his feelings for the 3 girls that goes into the next class to ask him old friend Oukusa (he's the friend who went to the soccer club) who just tells him to go with the flow and stay with Tsukasa. Junpei can't though. So his friend says to pick one at random because each complements him (Aya=Movie Dream, Tsukasa=Will always support him, and Satsuki=Very good companion) As a note, Oukusa had at least 10 girls just hanging around his desk hoping for a date.

Finally Junpei makes a decision, he wants all 3! He goes to Satsuki to break up with her because he cannot commit to her and instead Satsuki is EVEN MORE in love with him because now she knows she is on even footing with 2 other girls, and will work to become the 'main' girl. At the end she grabs junpei's arm and walks home with him. (She already has begun her plan).
Forbin - 2005-05-19

Animation is a bit low but still watchable. I would've sworn Satsuki was taller than Junpei so the last scene was next to impossible. (She must've bent down).

I wonder where Yui is? From the Manga I understand she doesn't even show up until after the OVA but I guess the animators didn't want to bring in a 4th character after the fact and kept her from the beginning.

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