Ichigo 100% TV - 5: Panic in My Room / Raging Waters of Summer Camp

Title:Ichigo 100% TV
Episode:5: Panic in My Room / Raging Waters of Summer Camp
Panic in My Room:
Manaka is having a conversation with Tsukasa about where their lives are going. Of course Tsukasa is talking about their relationship but Manaka starts thinking about film, and realizes that Aya must join his club because without her, there isn't any reason to film and his life won't go anywhere.
So he invites Aya over to his place to watch some love stories so she can get inspiration to help write his first movie. When she arrives, he's shocked to see that she is wearing a very skimpy blouse that reveals her best attributes. The phone rings and it's Satsuki on the phone telling Manaka that they were supposed to do club trip planning today. When she finds out that Aya's there, Satsuki, the other 2 club members, and their Sensei decide to hold club at Manaka's house! (That's 6 people in a small house BTW).
Of course the Perverted Sensei decides that she wants to see who is bigger, Aya or Satsuki so ala Tina Foster, she grabs Satsuki's and as she moves in on Aya, Manaka gets in the way caught between Aya and his Sensei. In very funny moment he's going 'It's soft, It's Painful, It's Soft, It's Painful'. hehe. Of course Satsuki moves in to save her Manaka :)
At that Moment Tsukasa and the other friend knock on the door right at the moment all 4 of them fall down the stairs for this very suggestive scene that isn't what it looks like (See 3rd pic), just to complicate matters, Yui shows up and explains how she sleeps with Manaka, sparking a new set of misunderstands.

Raging Waters of Summer Camp:
It's time to film the first movie and the Film Club moves to a remote beach to make their first film, which happens to be a bikini movie. Mostly tame, except the guys realize that Satsuki and Aya like Manaka and to get them mad at him, they throw Manaka into the bath while all the girls are in there. Proceed to Manaka wrestling as they beat him as punishment. Later Manaka is wandering the halls and Satsuki joins him. Of course at this point she confesses (again) and this time she is trying to get a kiss out of him. Manaka asks for time again and Satsuki swoons. Turns out Satsuki had a fever and Manaka takes her back to the girls room so she can rest up. Of course when Satsuki wakes up she sees Manaka sleeping next to her and she takes his hand.
(Forbin 2005-05-10)
Hmmm looks like they brought out the old beach episode very early in the game here. Lots of fan service shots and tons of innuendo. Compared to the Manga the anime is going at lightspeed. Can you believe the Mangaka is a woman?

Of course Satsuki is still my favorite character, take her out and you just have a rehash of Mahoromatic without the robots.

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