Ichigo 100% TV - 10: Raising the Level of Gratitude / Beating Heart - First Date!?

Title:Ichigo 100% TV
Episode:10: Raising the Level of Gratitude / Beating Heart - First Date!?
Raising the Level of Gratitude
[Chapter 54b] Yui annouces that she has gotten into Oumi Academy (As if we didn't know from the intro). Manaka then finds out that Yui is going to stay in his room for the next year as the dorms have been discontinued. (Yikes!). Yui informs Manaka that it is almost White Day and he has to buy chocolates for Aya and Satsuki. They go out and instead Yui asks Manaka for High School gifts instead. On the way home they bump into Tsukasa who runs away.

[Chapter 55] Manaka is confused until Yui explains that the good chocolates were Tsukasa's and not Satsuki. Manaka runs after her and thanks her for the Chocolate. She gets mad and says if it wasn't for Yui he wouldn't have known. After a near miss with a car, Tsukasa is holding Manaka and jumps back saying 'We were never that close when we were dating,' and then runs away again. Manaka is depressed and gives the chocolates to Yui. The next day Manaka stops in a convenice store and buys more chocolates and gives them to Aya and Satsuki. Aya is glad because no one has given her a White Day gift before (I can't believe with all of her fans) and Satsuki is glad because he gave her the same gift as Aya which means he still thinks highly of her (even though Satsuki tried to rape him in an unaired chapter). Later Manaka looks in the trash can hoping Satsuki's chocolate is still there so he could at least taste it. (No luck) Later Aya opens her package and it's strawberry chocolate of course. She's very happy.
Beating Heart - First Date!?
[Chapter 56] Manaka has a wet dream where Aya comes to him and asks for a kiss and then Satsuki and Tsukasa show up also looking for kisses. Yui wakes him up and tells him he is late for a movie with Komiyama (The lips dude). He rushes out. Turns out he has a date with Aya! (He asked her in the unaired part of chapter 54). For some reason their teacher finds them and forces them to buy Toilet paper for her (Seems that here is a 12 roll for 50 cents sale and it's limit 1 per person) Afterwards Aya and him decide to go see a Samurai movie. They seem to have a lot in common and even hold hands. (Not really emphasized but it is there). At the end an annoying girl is complaining about how the movie sucked. Manaka comes to it's defense but after some argument she convinces him about how weak it was. Then she just says 'it doesn't matter you are just here to hold hands with your girlfriend'. He leaves with Aya and goes to a burger shop. He's all shy because they don't have much in common (She reads and he is into watching TV.) He wants to go to a Karaoke but she is very against it.(Wonder why?) Finally they talk about the movie and it's good points. All is well.

As they leave the girl from the theater (Misuzu) runs over Manaka and he knocks over Aya and it ends up with her strawberry panties in his face. (Manaka is so lucky) Misuzu leaves the scene but it looks like Sotomora (The cam-boy) is also with her. He comments on why she saw the movie twice, Misuzu says because an interesting boy told her to see it casually. (Of course that is Manaka)
While Episode 9 was chapter 49, Episode 10 starts in the middle of Episode 54. They cut out this whole section where Satsuki tries to rape Manaka in the Film room. DARN! Well considering they cut the first movie culture fest completely out (The ova is the 2nd movie), it works but damn.

This also introduces Misuzu the director of the 2nd movie (Seen in the OVA).

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