Kodomo no Omocha - 93: Same Name Appears!

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:93: Same Name Appears!
Sana gets a strange letter, written by someone who claims to be the real Sana Kurata, and accusing her of being a fake. The author claims credit for "Water Palace" and the Broadway Show. All sorts of people thank Sana for letters and gifts she never sent them, and there are abundant rumors about her rebounding showbiz career. Sana explains to Fuka what's going on--Fuka has heard of this happening before, it's called "person from the mirrors". This person seems just like the "old Sana", Fuka says, whereas Sana in fact seems unable to finish anything she starts (learning math, romance with Hayama, etc). Actually, work on the math videos is completed successfully, and they prove highly popular. Mizoguchi commends Sana for her hard work, and Rei observes that she has never felt so happy as a result of completing a job. When she gets home, Sana finds Hayama waiting to urge her to cancel a concert which she will supposedly perform in while wearing an "ugly" and "embarassing" outfit. Sana and Rei discuss what they should do about this latest action by her imposter. Misako has an idea...
It was pretty clear that Chidose and Sana's fan club (who found the real Sana to be a disappointment) had something to do with this. Still, the Sana/imposter arc sure wrapped up faster than I had expected. It was a mildly enlightening lesson on the difference between the mystique surrounding media personalities and the real people they actually are, but I can't help thinking more could have been done with it. Even Babbit has to deal with an imposter in this episode!

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