Kodomo no Omocha - 88: So This Kind Of Day Has Come!

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:88: So This Kind Of Day Has Come!
After being asked by her not to return to her hospital room, Hayama feels guilty and tells himself "I keep hurting Fuka". He stops by the park bench where Sana once held him in her arms when he was in pain--and Sana happens to come along. She senses something is wrong--"I don't like it. It's the way you used to look" she says. "What about you?" Hayama replies. "You look like a lost spirit". Rei is in a bad mood after Sana's magazine interview, and runs into Miho. He explains Sana's problem to her, on the condition that she keep it secret. But she tells Naozumi that Sana couldn't read the "demon" line because of "a boy named Hayama-kun". Rei tries to hide the torrent of sleazy, scandalous false news about Sana from her, but she doesn't seem to mind. In fact, she sees this as her first break from her demanding schedule in a long time. Misako reminds her of a little thing called "school". The other students have lots of questions, and Sengoku-sensei is sarcastic towards the "idol" who has rejoined them. After school Sana goes with Tsuyoshi and Aya to visit Fuka at the hospital. Her mother is there too, and the doctor comes to finally remove the bandages from her eyes. She can see normally, and is free to leave the hospital. Sana suggests she call Hayama to tell him the good news, which makes for an awkward situation. Fuka's mother responds by saying that she has something to tell them...
Man, it's like poetry, the way Obana Miho and the scriptwriters chose just the right lines at just the right times. Later in the episode, Fuka reminds Hayama of something he once said to make her own point. It seemed interesting enough when he first said it to be worth including, but I had no idea the innocuous remark would turn up again. At the end, yet another character says something startling which we have heard recently--the effect is to make us feel that everything is turning upside down!

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