Kodomo no Omocha - 80: Sing That Song Again 3-2-1

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:80: Sing That Song Again 3-2-1
In this "tangent episode" set in a city like "old New York", no singing and no musical instrument playing is allowed. Female special agents Tomita Mayu and Ayano Hanamaru Koji Tomomi-chan seek evidence to arrest the notorious violator Sana Kurata. They repeatedly raid "Sana's Club", but for one reason or another cannot press charges against anyone. Meanwhile, Naozumi arrives in the city as an emigrant, only to find that he cannot play his precious trumpet here. He is directed to Sana's Club, just in time for another raid. But Mayu finds herself entranced by this stranger, and covers for him...
We're not back in Japan just yet! A silly filler episode, much like the one where everyone turned into butterflies. Characters from back in Japan (Tsuyoshi, Hisae, Aya, Zenjirou) are combined with ones from the New York arc (Brad, Gary) plus Mayu and Tomomi who seem to have been created especially for this episode (still no sign of Hayama!). The song at the end was fun.

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