Kodomo no Omocha - 77: Papa, This Is All Your Fault!

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:77: Papa, This Is All Your Fault!
Having decided at the last moment not to return to Japan after all, Naozumi is proud of himself and feeling cheerful. Michelle grudgingly respects Sana and Naozumi, but vows to be even tougher(!) on them since they nearly gave up. Gary and Naozumi go for a walk in the park, and Gary finally explains how he met Yuko in Japan and fell in love with her, but she turned out to love her career more than anything else. He gave up and returned to America, not knowing that she was pregnant. When he learned he had a son in Japan, he tracked Naozumi down and kept a distant eye on him. After watching "Water Palace" he was so awed by Naozumi's talent that he decided to invite him to New York. He had planned to keep their relationship secret for the time being, so as not to distract Naozumi from his work. Now, however, he asks Naozumi to stay on in New York as part of his family after the musical is complete. Naozumi asks if Michelle and Sicil approve; Gary implies it's entirely his decision, at which point Sana, who has been listening in, interupts...
In the reintroduction of the main characters at the beginning of the episode, the unusual comment was made that the "New York arc has 3 more episodes". The Hamiltons certainly make some remarkably quick progress towards wrapping up their problems; that leaves Yuko and Brad (what was I thinking, to believe that Obana Miho would just drop such well developed characters without a satisfying resolution of their problems?). So I guess each will get about an episode to fix things up, with Sana's help, no doubt. Looks like Yuko will be first...

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