Kodomo no Omocha - 70: Suspense at Lunchtime

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:70: Suspense at Lunchtime
Rei has returned from an exciting and encouraging meeting with Gary Hamilton in Hollywood, only to learn of the harrassment Sana and Naozumi have been subjected to. The three appear with their bags packed, which delights Michelle--until they announce that they are not returning to Japan, rather they are moving to a hotel for the time being. In their new room, as Sana and Rei try to figure out who would want to threaten them, Naozumi tells them about his meeting with the mysterious man who claimed to know the real reason he was invited to New York. He suspects that he is the only one who is really being targetted, and feels he must leave so that Sana and Rei are not placed in danger. But Sana refuses to let him go, reminding him of his promise to "do his best" along with her in the musical. Back at the mansion, Michelle wonders who vandalized the guest rooms, and concludes that she's not the only one who resents the presence of these actors from Japan. Brad--who is the maid Ramsey's son--assures his mother he wasn't responsible, but is secretly pleased that Sicil and Naozumi have been seperated. On the street Naozumi spots the mysterious man delivering pizza. He slips away from Sana and Rei and confronts him, demanding first of all to be told why he's been targetted. The man seems surprised to hear this, and takes off on his scooter as Sana and Rei catch up. After rehearsal Sicil is waiting for Naozumi. She says Michelle won't care that she has wandered off from the mansion, because she "hates girls who can't dance". Brad shows up, grabs her, and drags her home. Later, Brad's two delinquent cronies report on shadowing Rei as he searches for an apartment. Brad tells them that tommorrow they'll carry out a plan he's been working on...
I hope I'm not providing too many details, and "spoiling" the episodes for those who haven't seen them yet. I tend to stop at about the halfway point (the station break) and leave the second half out--but I'll include any critical events in the next episode's synopsis, since each episode tends to end on a sort of a cliffhanger. This is a rather complex and mysterious subplot, and writing about it helps my own pathetic memory keep track of what has happened so far. One unusual problem I had with this episode--the audio of my bootleg/fansub/whatever VHS tape was around 15 seconds behind the video! I finally muted the sound and just read the subtitles, which were timed correctly.

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