Kodomo no Omocha - 69: Is There a Goddess of Love New? (You Also Have Emerald Eyes)

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:69: Is There a Goddess of Love New? (You Also Have Emerald Eyes)
Sana and Naozumi report that their rooms at the Hamilton Mansion have been vandalized, with the words "get out" spraypainted on the walls. Ramsey and Mack, the maid and groundskeeper, seem to be hiding something. "It feels like we can't trust anyone" Naozumi comments. "It feels like I'm getting angry!" Sana replies. She suspects the "ghost in a white dress" she saw may know who was responsible, and goes looking for her. While Sana is arguing with Michelle, the "ghost" steps forward. She is in fact "Sicil", the Hamilton's daughter. She assures Sana and Naozumi that she wasn't the one who trashed their rooms, and tells Naozumi that she is a longtime fan of his. She also makes the observation that the two of them have the same colored eyes. Michelle cuts the meeting short, and later asks Sicil why she disobeyed her and revealed herself to the guests. She says she feared she would never have gotten to meet Naozumi otherwise; Michelle says that would have been for her own good. Later, Sicil tells Brad about her wonderful meeting with Naozumi--Brad isn't exactly delighted to hear about it. At the studio, Sana and Naozumi meet the stage manager, Scott, and are assigned their roles as two fairies in an adaptation of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Later, with Sana and Naozumi exhausted by more of Michelle's killer exercises, Brad comes along. He advises them to treat everyone as an enemy, to which Sana replies by asking if that makes him an enemy as well. Brad leaves, Sana goes to get something for them to eat, and while alone, a strange man appears to Naozumi. The man says he knows his secret--the real reason he was invited to New York...
I kind of killed some of the suspense for myself by visiting a KnO website which revealled a link between Sicil (she was called "Cecil" there) and Naozumi. Still, I'm impatient to see how it will all be explained. Brad seems to be a definite ne'er-do-well (much like Hayama early in the series; I wonder if Sana will somehow reform him as well). Is he Cecil's brother? Half-brother, perhaps?

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