Kodomo no Omocha - 3: Operation: Eyeball - Toothball

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:3: Operation: Eyeball - Toothball
Having been tipped off by Tsuyoshi-kun about Hayama's supposed weakness (a fear of heights) Sana challenges him to a bungee jumping match in the school gym. Things don't exactly go as she had planned, and the next day the classroom is in chaos as usual. Tanaka-sensei admits that he cannot do anything because Hayama snapped a photo of him and Mitsuya-sensei making out in the nurse's office. Rei-kun suggests that Sana try to take a likewise embarassing photo of Hayama. With camera in hand, she and Tsuyoshi stake out Hayama's house. They overhear a vicious argument between Hayama and his sister. Sana is shocked, but continues to follow a dejected Hayama until, with Tsuyoshi's help, she gets a chance to snap just the picture she needs...
I'm surprised that so much plot development takes place in a single episode!

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