Kodomo no Omocha - 27: Pity Me and Cough Up Some Dough

Title:Kodomo no Omocha
Episode:27: Pity Me and Cough Up Some Dough
Ryousuke Kashima--Misako's ex-husband--drops by once more, begging to be loaned some money, as always. And Misako throws him out without giving him a Yen, as always. Later, he shows up at the KnO studio, begging Sana for some money. He claims he's in debt to a "secret society" and will be killed if he fails to pay or goes to the Police. Sana won't give him any money either, but can't help feeling sorry for the man and agrees to work for him for one day on some secret task which he says will solve his problem. Zenjirou, frustrated by the parts he must play in KnO, and seeing this as an easy way to make some money, agrees to do likewise. They are driven to the headquarters of the "secret society"--where Sana is grabbed and gagged!
Since it seemed to deal with organized crime, this episode initially felt somehow inappropriate as part of KnO. Fortunately, it turns out that nothing is what it seems to be. Yet another hilarious episode!

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