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1996(1) 1995(1)
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Buy Lina Inverse is a very powerful sorceress who has a craving for cash. After she steals some loot from some bandits, she meets a gallant swordsman named Gourry. Together they go on a journey and soon meet Zelgadis, a fighter-mage who's desperate for an artifact Lina took from the bandits. When the Red Priest Rezo comes to warn Lina about Zelgadis, it seems clear who the enemy is. But then facts begin to emerge that blur the lines between friends and foes. And with the potential of the Mazoku Dark Lord, Ruby Eye Shabranigdu, being resurrected, there may not be time to figure things out. After resolving that issue, the young miko Amelia joins forces with Lina and Gourry as a 2nd Rezo appears and a bounty is put out for Lina, Gourry, and Zelgadis. Who's behind all of this? Will Lina have the power to cast the most powerful spell of all? And is there enough food in the world to satisfy her and Gourry?

Slayers Next
Buy It is several months after the events in The Slayers and only Lina & Gourry are left of the original party. Arriving in the kingdom of Xoana, the duo soon run into Amelia & Zelgadis who are there for different reasons, but soon rejoin the party. Now they, with some new allies must fight some more intimidating foes. Intertwining mystical plots intersect in an explosive way, when Lina and her band of misfits becomes involved. Why are members of the Mazoku (monster race) so interested in Lina?
The Slayers Buy See Slayers
The Slayers Next Buy See Slayers Next
スレイヤーズ Buy See Slayers
スレイヤーズ NEXT Buy See Slayers Next

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