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Candy Boy
Watch Candy Boy began as an eight minute ONA produced by Anime International Company, and directed by Takafumi Hoshikawa. Advertised as a school love comedy, the story focuses on the relationship between Kanade and Yukino Sakurai, twin sisters in their second year in a Tokyo high school, and the conflict provided by freshman Sakuya Kamiyama's feelings towards Kanade. Seven more 15 minute ONAs are to be "streamed" as well, continuing the story.
Candy☆Boy Watch See Candy Boy

Elfen Lied
Buy Kouta has moved back to his childhood town to start his first year in college, and his female cousin, Yuka, has set him up to live in a big ten-room vacant house. Later on that night, the two encounter a naked girl with horns wandering on the beach. She appears to be very innocent and very helpless, so Kouta takes it upon himself to take her home to keep her safe, unaware that his guest has just escaped from an experimental lab and that both the police and military are searching for her, with orders to shoot on sight.
Elven Song Buy See Elfen Lied

Strawberry Panic
Rent Nagisa Aoi transfers to an all girl academy, combining 3 separate schools and 6 grades together, she attracts the eye of the top girl of all 3 schools Etoile (Aka Shizuma). Etoile walks toward her and Nagisa cannot move, here is the most beautiful girl coming to talk to her. Instead, Etoile takes Nagisa and moves in for a kiss....
エルフェンリート Buy See Elfen Lied

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