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Elemental Gelade Buy See Erementar Gerad (TV)

Erementar Gerad (TV)
Buy A young boastful pirate named Cloud manages to open a large treasure chest just acquired on their last raid, and awakens a beautiful young girl. It is only later when treasure hunters and ninja raiders attack the pirate airship does he learn that her name is Edell Raid, one of the seven Shickikou Houju treasures, and that she is not human. In a desperate struggle, he is brave enough to fight a loosing battle to protect her from the raiders. Despite her strong dislike of humans, she is moved by his feelings and declares her acceptance of him. In taking his hand, she speaks of wanting to understand love, and transforms into a bizarre sword weapon attached to his arm. And so the story of adventure for Edell Raid and Cloud begins.
エレメンタルジェレイド Buy See Erementar Gerad (TV)

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