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Aishiteru Ze Baby
Buy A crisis in the Katakura family changes the life style of a carefree high school playboy, when Kippei is asked to look after his five-year old cousin, Yuzuyu. Kippei tries to complain and avoid the responsibility but Yuzuyu's quiet charm soon wins him over. In trying to be a mom to his little cousin, Kippei learns some hard lessons on how to be responsible, as well as helping Yuzuyu deal with issues at her pre-school and her longing for her absent mother. And what about Kokoro, the cute classmate, who seems to show some measure of interest in Kippei?
Aishiteruze Baby Buy See Aishiteru Ze Baby

Akazukin Chacha
Buy Chacha, a novice wizard, starts magic school along with her friends Riiya and Shiine (who vie for her affections most of the time). Chacha isn't exactly a pro at casting perfect magic spells, so where Chacha goes, trouble is sure to follow. Her master, Seravy, gives her the power to transform into a magical princess who can do away with demons sent by the Evil Magic Lord who has a grudge again Seravy.
Babe My Love (French) Buy See Aishiteru Ze Baby
Bloodlust Buy See Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
D 2000 Buy See Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
Love You Baby Buy See Aishiteru Ze Baby
Red Riding Hood Chacha Buy See Akazukin Chacha
Slayers ER Buy See Slayers EVOLUTION-R

Buy The powerful sorceress Lina Inverse sets out with the swordsman Gourry, the miko (cleric) Amelia, and the fighter-mage Zelgadiss to help the transformed Pokota save his people who were sealed by the infamous Red Priest Rezo. Their only clue is from the automaton maid, Ozel, who has asked them to destroy the vase carrying the soul of Rezo.
Slayers Movie 5: Premium Buy See Slayers Premium

Slayers Next
Buy It is several months after the events in The Slayers and only Lina & Gourry are left of the original party. Arriving in the kingdom of Xoana, the duo soon run into Amelia & Zelgadis who are there for different reasons, but soon rejoin the party. Now they, with some new allies must fight some more intimidating foes. Intertwining mystical plots intersect in an explosive way, when Lina and her band of misfits becomes involved. Why are members of the Mazoku (monster race) so interested in Lina?

Slayers Premium
Buy Lina and Gourry are back, doing what they do best -- sampling food at a local seaside village. Having worked hard at the catch, Gourry has a huge ship-styled plate full of food and Lina's work netted her a small fish. As they fight over an octopus, Gourry eats it, only to discover that it curses him, forcing him to speak the language of the octopus.

Slayers Revolution
Buy Lina, Gourry, Amelia, and Zelgadiss are back for more fun and adventures. Also in the mix is a mysterious (Digimon-like) creature named Pokota, who can also cast the powerful Dragon Slave spell. What does Pokota want and why does he have a replica Sword of Light?

Buy Moving from the Hiroshima area to Tokyo as to attend high school there, Akitsuki Yamato finds himself having to live in a house run by his aunt Fujikawa Ayano and her daughter Miho. He doesn't have to pay a rent but in exchange he has to help the residence. Besides having a public bath it's also occupied by three young and pretty female tenants - Saotome Yuka, Matsumoto Megumi and Asahina Suzuka. Yamato falls quickly for the charm of the beautiful and sporty Suzuka (a talented track&field high jumper going to attend the same class as Yamato) but alas for him everything separates them - and don't forget Yamato's pal Hattori Yasunobu (the ladies' guy), Hashiba Miki (the sprinter girl), and Sakurai Honoka (another female classmate and childhood friend of Yamato). Well, life isn't easy when you're young and inexperienced...
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