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Title Rating Synopsis
00000 - Geneon (Defunct) Unevaluated Geneon Animation USA Ceased distribution of all their titles back in 2007 and shut down the branch. Their parent was Geneon Animation Japan which still thrives to this day. Their current titles were divided up between Sentai Filmorks and Funimation, or were allowed to lapse.
Alastor`s flame haze Buy See Shakugan no Shana

Appleseed (2004)
Rent It`s 2131 A.D.. Deunan Knute had been a soldier in the battlefields for most of her life. When the World War ends, she`s transported to the city of Olympus to live peacefully and finds out that, in an effort to protect the human race from future wars, humans have created the Bioriods, a geneticaly enhanced race of people that have restrained feelings and therefore cannot hurt each other.
Ayakashi - Japanese Classic Horror Buy See Ayakashi - Japanese Classic Horror
Barefoot Gen Watch See Hadashi no Gen
Barefoot Gen 2 Rent See Hadashi no Gen 2

Black Lagoon
Buy Okajima Rokuro is a much abused and bored Japanese Salary-man who is sent by his company to a forsaken corner of South East Asia to hand deliver a disk with secret company files. The cargo ship on which he was traveling on is attacked by pirates riding on a torpedo boat named “Black Lagoon”. The three pirates somehow know all about his mission and decide to take him hostage for ransom as well. Later when Rokuro is surprised to find out that his company will not pay a ransom and he learns that he has been ‘written off as a business expense’, he just snaps and loses it. But the company is not done yet with him as they have hired a group of mercenaries to find the pirates, recover the disk and kill everyone involved in this sordid event.

Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage
Buy Rock, Revy, Dutch and Benny are a delivery company who deliver packages of all kinds, From weapons to drugs to children, No Job is to big. Lagoon company is based in the crime city of Roanappur. A place where vicious and psychotic criminals are all but welcomed with open arms. Only problem is, The vast number of criminals and murderers are constantly trying to create problems for Lagoon company.
Chikyū Bōei Kazoku Buy See The Daichis: Earth Defence Family
Daphne In The Brilliant Blue Buy See Hikari to Mizu no Daphne

Rent The crash landing of a spaceship on earth over a year ago is still the rage in the news. And the mysterious beautiful aliens called "DearS", who are now stranded on earth, are slowly being integrated into the local society. Takeya-kun has problems enough being a high school student living alone, and with Neneko, the landlord's daughter, always letting herself into his flat. On the way home one day, he finds and shows kindness to a young lady. When she follows him home he is surprised to find out that she is one of these alien DearS, and now she is calling him goshujinsama (master).
Disgaea Watch See Makai Senki Disgaea
Doki Doki School Hours Rent See Sensei No Ojikan
Earth Defence Family Buy See The Daichis: Earth Defence Family
El Hazard OVA 2 Watch See Shinpi no Sekai El Hazard 2
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