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Title Rating Synopsis
Beet, the Vandel Buster Watch See Bouken Ou Beet
Boken Oh Beet Watch See Bouken Ou Beet

Bouken Ou Beet
Watch It was a dark time when the people of many villages were suffering attacks from the daemon Vandel, and his horde of monster minions. Only a few brave warriors, branded with mark of Buster, proved strong enough to stand up and defeat the terrors that threatened civilization. And so, a twelve-year-old boy named Beet decided to accept the brand of a Buster, much to dismay of pushy older adoptive sister. Beet had a dream of being a great warrior, great enough to join Zenon's squad known to be the strongest of Buster squads. One day, when the Zenon squad was battling a devil named Beltose, Beet wanders on the battlefield, and distracts Zenon, causing their defeat. The five dying busters put their life force into their five weapons and before they pass away, they ask Beet to continue the battle and put an end to the suffering caused by Vandel.
MD Geist Avoid See Soukihei MD Geist

Soukihei MD Geist
Avoid This 2-part film is about a super-soldier named Geist who knows nothing but death, and was imprisoned for being too dangerous. Now he is released onto Earth amidst a cataclysmic war between humanity's 2 major factions. Geist lives to fight and does damage quickly. In the sequel Death Force, Geist unleashes a doomsday weapon: an indestructible cyborg army programmed to wipe out humanity (apparently he wants a challenge). He also finds himself in conflict with a former comrade, Krauser, who is a variant super soldier with a lust for power instead of carnage.
冒険王ビィト Watch See Bouken Ou Beet

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