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Title Rating Synopsis
Omishi Magical Theatre Watch See Risky Safety

Risky Safety
Watch Katusragi Moe was feeling blue one day, when a tiny little death god appeared before her and attempted to kill her. Fortunately for her he didn`t have much experience at his job, and in a moment of her happiness was suddenly replaced by an equally tiny angel. As it turns out, Risky and Safety are both apprentices in their respective jobs, and as their final challenge must share a body and attempt to win their full title by taking or protecting souls, respectively. Of course that makes life kind of difficult for them, and for everyone around them...

Sakura Taisen TV
Watch Sakura Shijugi has just arrived in Tokyo. Daughter of a former commander and a skilled swordsman, she comes to the city to serve in the Imperial Flower Troop commanded by her father's commander. Upon arriving (and missing her ride) she wanders around the city meeting some interesting people. She finally arrives at the address listed on her card, the Imperial Flower Acting Company.

Sakura Taisen: Gouka Kenran
Buy The second Sakura Taisen OVA is a series of character studies.

Sakura Taisen: Ouka Kenran
Rent It takes place in the 1920's. The world is recovering from the "Demon War". To fight this machines are being built (based on steam technology) to fight a new invasion. The machines are powered by the "spirit energy" of their pilots.
Sakura Wars (OVA) Rent See Sakura Taisen: Ouka Kenran
Sakura Wars OVA II Buy See Sakura Taisen: Gouka Kenran
Sakura Wars TV Watch See Sakura Taisen TV
Sakura Wars: The Gorgeous Blooming Cherry Blossoms Buy See Sakura Taisen: Gouka Kenran

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