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Big Order TV & OVA
Rent Eiji Hoshimiya has a huge secret: ten years ago, a fairy-like person named 'Daisy' appeared to him and offered to grant him a wish. He doesn't remember exactly what he asked for, but massive devastation all over the world was the result. He has become an 'Order', and could use his power to destroy again if he wishes, but tries to avoid doing that at all costs. He also discovers that there are Orders other than him, with widely varying powers based on whatever wishes they initially made.

Lord of Vermilion
Unevaluated One day, completely without warning, an ear-splitting, high frequency tone and inexplicable red mist knocked the people of Tokyo unconscious. Most remained unconscious for a week or so then awakened, apparently unharmed. Chihiro Domyoji was one of the last to collapse but remained in a coma for no less than five months before awakening. He finds that a ring of the red mist remains around the city, separating it from the outside world, and strange, gigantic plant-like roots have grown around buildings. For some reason, he is also questioned about the dreams he experienced while unconscious.
Lord of Vermilion: Guren no Ou Unevaluated See Lord of Vermilion
ビッグオーダー Rent See Big Order TV & OVA
ロード オブ ヴァーミリオン 紅蓮の王 Unevaluated See Lord of Vermilion

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