PuraOre! Pride of Orange

Title:PuraOre! Pride of Orange
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Notables: Animation - C2C
R1 License - FUNimation
On a whim, the girls of the school embroidery club decide to attend a open recruiting session being held by the local hockey team, the Rikko 'Dream Monkeys'. They find themselves intrigued by the sport, which serves the purposes of manager Yoko Matsunaga, who has an idea of combining hockey with other forms of entertainment to attract new spectators.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:4382#628]
(Two episodes watched):

This is the sort of show where it is hard to say whether the intention was that it be a comedy or drama, because it hasn't done a very good job at either. You would think that the embroidery club going into ice hockey would be played as a joke, wouldn't you? Yet I didn't detect any attempt to make us laugh. We learn right from the first scene that these girls will go from total beginners to winners of an international competition--against Canada--all in the space of twelve episodes. That is a little hard to believe. Does Yoko, the manager, intend to create a sort of hockey team/idol group (and wouldn't that be played as a joke as well?)? The opening sequence was distinctly idol-ish, but as of the end of episode two the only progress in that direction is that some of the warming up exercises the girls perform before practice resemble dance moves. The characters aren't very distinctive; I found it difficult to remember who was who, which two were sisters, etc. I don't detect anything being at risk; since we already know how the story will end what point is there in watching it? And the girls have no noteworthy reason for taking up this sport other than wanting to have some fun. Nobody is telling them that girls shouldn't go into the masculine sport of hockey. It could have been any sport, but I'm guessing hockey was chosen because there hasn't already been an anime about it recently. In short, this show is boring. We don't even learn much of interest regarding how hockey is played (except that a team needs six players). I can only wonder what the makers were trying to achieve. Maybe they figured that if they included both a sport and idols as well, surely it would find an audience somewhere. About the only thing which might save it would be if it took up this hockey/idol business and was fun.

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