Centaur no Nayami

Title:Centaur no Nayami
A Centaur's Life
Centaur Worries
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Notables: Animation - Emon Animation Company
High school life in an alternate reality where evolution has given rise to mystical beasts like centaurs, angels, mermaids, etc.

12 episodes
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3370#628]
(One episode watched):

What in the world might a Centaur, a creature of ancient Greek mythology, be doing in an anime? That was the question I was asking myself going in to this show. Afterwards, the question was more like 'What in the world made someone think a slice of life show featuring Centaurs and similar creatures would be fun to watch'? The basic problem is that while the premise is bizarre, the jokes are exceedingly ordinary. That is to say, more likely to draw a modest smile than an actual laugh. And when mythical beasts are inserted into an anime, yet little comes of it, the viewer can only wonder what someone was thinking when the proposal for this show got approved. In the first half of episode one, was there really any need for these to be deformed humans rather than ordinary ones? Is the show any better or worse as a result? In the second half we are introduced to the concept that evolution might just as easily have favored six-limbed humans than four-limbed ones--but Himeno is the only Centaur in the class, and even if we count the little wings which angel- and demon-like students have there are still more four-legged students than six-legged ones, so I just don't get it. The very fact that I'm trying to make sense of the premise indicates that the humor was insufficient to satisfy me and I was looking for something else. There doesn't seem to be any serious plot regarding challenges of being a centaur or any other creature, just weak jokes about things like whether a Centaur can wipe its own rear end (usually, it can). And the signs are that that is the way the series is going to remain until the end. So, I think I will pass on this anime.

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