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Title:Kyousogiga TV
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Hidden within Kyoto is the "mirror capital" where youkai and humans live together and no one ever dies. It is protected by three people - Kurama, Yase, and Myoue - as they await the return of their parents, Myoue Jonin and Koto. One day a young girl named Koto (same name, different spelling) and her little brothers A and Un wander into the city from a different dimension looking for her mother. A mecha-geek with red eyes, it's not immediately clear whether she's human or youkai. Her arrival upsets the long peace that had ruled the city.
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10-episode TV anime that premiered on October 2, 2013.
Animated by Toei Animation

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Buy 8 7 8 7 9 9 Ggultra2764 [series:3019#1552]
This TV airing of Kyousogiga is a definite improvement over the one-shot ONA as this series devotes more time to exploring Koto's character, elements to the mirror world and its inhabitants in its fairly short 10-episode run. The series is influenced from elements of Buddhism and Japanese folklore as mention of monks, enlightenment, oni and stability are shown and brought up throughout the show's run. Early episodes in the series are devoted to knowing more about major characters like Myoue and Koto such as how they gained their positions and got into whatever predicament they were placed into within the mirror world. The second half of the series is where the plot starts to unravel as Koto's pursuit of finding the whereabouts of her god of a mother trigger a series of events that threaten the stability of the universe and lead several of the characters to have to come to terms with whatever doubts they had shown from earlier in the series in order to restore order to the cosmos. It occasionally dabbles into comedy coming off the eccentric and sometimes destructive behavior of some of the characters like Koto, her familiars and Yase. However, I was mostly indifferent toward seeing it. Otherwise, I'd recommend you give this series a look if you have interest in fantasy titles dabbling into elements of Japanese folklore and Buddhism.

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