Utawarerumono OVA

Title:Utawarerumono OVA
Shadow Warrior Chronicles OVA
The One Being Sung OVA
うたわれるもの OVA
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Notables: Original Concept - Aquaplus
A fantasy story of a man trapped in a mask who has forgotten his past and how in the process of helping the villagers that he befriends, founds an empire. The first story will open with the discovery of an abandoned baby in the land of Tusukuru. Hakuoro and his party get into a series of adventures to uncover the identity of the baby. [source: ANN]

Three new OVA episodes to be released starting June '09. (~28min each)

Based on Utawarerumono TV series.
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Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:2006#967]
The old enemy lord has been defeated, the war is over, the land is at peace and Hakuoro is now the ruling emperor. But the duties of an emperor now longer permit him to go charging around the country side. Hakuoro is bored beyond tears, trapped behind a desk piled high with missives and scrolls, but the affairs of courtly life do manage to provide some small and humorous distractions.

Episode One - A Lullaby from the Watchtower (~29min, released June '09). An infant is found and brought to the court. While emperor's men try to locate the parents of the child, the ladies of the court all take a fancy to the little tyke and have fun spending time being a 'mama' to the infant. But the child was born to nobility of a rival clan, which makes his return to his parents troublesome.

Episode Two - Prescription for a Secret Love (~26min, released December '09). Eruruu is kidnapped by a strange sorcerer and his pet monkey to help 'heal' a women in the village. The sorcerer explains that his lady has fallen in love with a warrior of the emperor's court and she needs a special potion to help her. But the warrior is someone whom Eruruu knows very well, the potion is not one of healing and kidnapping a lady of the court (such as Eruruu) is a treasonable offense.

Episode Three - not yet released.

With more humor than drama, the OVAs focus on the courtly life of the emperor's family. But being an OVA also means that it can be more ecchi than the broadcast TV series (so expect a lot of bathing scenes).

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